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Elements closed panel system

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Reducing Environmental impact

As a responsible organisation, we are committed to climate care and the reduction of our carbon footprint. We can help you to reduce yours too and create a stunning home at the same time.

Timber delivers a high-performance building solution and is widely considered as the most sustainable mainstream building material with the lowest embodied CO2 of any commercially available product. Compared to the masonry equivalent, the embodied carbon of a sustainably sourced timber frame element is up to 82% less.

As well as using advanced timber technologies, our building systems are insulated with natural wood fibre insulation to lower their carbon footprint and provide exceptional thermal performance. By building with Elements you can be assured your home will be healthier to live in and kinder to the planet.

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Bio based building technologies

Our naturally insulated building systems offer exceptional performance as part of a complete off-site manufactured package.

Driven by architectural excellence, our systems optimise building physics to provide the highest level of thermal efficiency and structural performance. Insulated with natural wood fibre, you can be assured your home will be an energy efficient and healthy place to live.

Elements Panel a

The Elements closed panel system

The Elements closed panel system has been developed to minimise thermal bridging and air leakage. With standard U-values of 0.15 W/m²K for walls and 0.12 W/m²K for roofs and airtightness as low as 0.6 ACH, our building systems are capable of achieving passivhaus performance levels.

Our systems are manufactured off-site in our advanced manufacturing facility, handcrafted by our specialist team to fit seamlessly with your architectural design. The panels are custom made with pre-fitted airtightness membranes, service battens and insulation to assure quality and speed up the construction on site.


What our customers say

I am conscious energy costs will continue to rise, and with this, I came to see from a heating bill point of view that building a Passivhaus was like a pension, where you invest a moderately large sum of money into the build, and receive extremely low heating bills for as long as you live there in return. We look at it as a capital investment now to save money in the future.

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