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Looking after you and nature

Design and construct a beautiful, healthy home that’s environmentally conscious, energy efficient, and a place where your family will thrive.

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Natural building materials

Traceability is important to you, and you care about the environment.

The specialist design of our wall and roof closed panel system incorporates blown wood fibre insulation that’s of the highest environmental standard, having been felled from sustainable forests which are managed under strict directives.

The timber is also a carbon sequestering product. So, for every bespoke panel we craft to encase your home, you will be reducing emissions and helping to save around 2.2 tonnes of CO2 for every 1 tonne of material that’s used to construct it.

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Achieve Passivhaus high-performance

Our innovative building system combines exceptional thermal performance and structural independence with the sustainability of the natural wood fibre insulation mentioned above.

The active inclusion of Passivhaus standard renewable building materials, such as our panels, and renewable systems results in Passivhaus levels of insulation. With U-values of 0.15 W/m²K for walls and 0.13 W/m²K for roofs, the breathability and energy efficiency your future home will achieve for you will also support the UK’s movement towards net zero.

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Benefit from AeroBarrierUK airtightness

Did you know air leakages cause the largest amount of wasted energy in UK homes?

However, this is a challenge you don’t need to worry about, as we seal all our homes using AeroBarrierUK as standard – the multi-award-winning airtightness system that eliminates draughts in buildings:

• Reducing your energy usage by up to 40%,

• Reducing your energy bills,

• Supercharging your energy efficient systems, such as your heat pump and/or solar panels, while

• Allowing your specialist Elements insulation panels to – insulate!

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Let your home look after you

Your family’s health, happiness and comfort are paramount.

So in addition to reducing your energy bills by being environmentally conscious and highly insulative, our teams will make it their mission to ensure every aspect of your Elements By Oakwrights home promotes healthy living and will care for your family for years to come.

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